I am a blogger who posts inner thoughts, sayings I come across, and powerful , thought- provoking words. Hence the name- my blog is like my journal being exposed to the world. I have also made it easier for any of you to get my sources from my posts quickly if the photo is not mine- which are listed below the photo. Be aware that I always follow my followers unless they post things I do not like. If you click the unfollow, I will do the same. Hope you enjoy the posts I blog, and happy blogging!
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you know that mood where you just can’t think straight and you don’t know why and you’re in this foggy abyss where you can’t make any decisions or function at the level demanded for daily interaction and action and all you can do is zone out and let other people do things around you as they wonder why you’re staring blankly at walls as if your soul was removed

Provoking words…